Our Services

Our Services

We Provide many services and solutions for Translation and Localization

We translate from and into all the major languages of the world, in a wide variety of subjects. Every one of our translators has had a formal education in at least three languages in all stages of their studies, with translation or interpretation as their major in their university studies. Our Translators and Reviewers are highly qualified and experienced, and most of them are specialized in specific fields like: IT, Software & Hardware, Games, Applications, Education, E-learning,  Legal, Financial, Economic, Engineering, Medical, Commercial, Industrial, Oil-sector, and others. 

localization means translating and adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and geographic market.

There are two main aspects to localization. The first one is stylistic: You have to make sure the language tone you use is appropriate for each local culture. There’s also a technical aspect: You may have to make changes to things like date and time formats, alphabetization, or even the direction of reading, to make them appropriate for the language you’re localizing into. So Localization means more than just translating a message or text, it’s about making a whole product feel tailored to users everywhere.

We believe that a website is the reflection of your company on the Internet, It produces an effective visual impact and serves as an important communication tool between you and your customers. We also believe that the websites Localization expands your customer base and attracts customers who read the target language. It involves skills and experience in many areas and is not a mere conversion of words into the target language since it goes beyond the language in order to address the issues of content and the “look and feel” of the website.

Copywriting is an art, a skill, a flair which requires a passion for the language, creative imagination, and good writing skills. Copywriting is crucial for the online and offline success since it delivers valuable content to the customer and serves as a powerful and effective marketing tool. The aim of copywriting is to manipulate with words in order to impress the reader and create brand awareness of your products and services.Naturally, there are several types of copywriting: ad copywriting, Press releases writing, and much more.

Games localization includes many comprehensive technical and linguistic operations:

* Analysis of the product's Inner architecture and location of the texts to be translated;

* Extraction of the texts to be translated;

* Analysis of the text to unify the terminology and style of the translation;

* Creation/revision of basic terminology with respect to previous product versions and local language trends;

* Adjusting text length and size of controls in the application to ensure good legibility and a clear arrangement of the localized product;

* Testing localized product versions, comparing their function with the source version;

Translations of the Help function and other product documents.

Our web designers have creative talents that will appeal to your sense of style, as well as training in and knowledge of current web development standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality!

All members of our team have a great experience in graphic design, development, flash animation.

Our web developers can offer you any design you want on time and within budget.

We excel between others because our team has creative talents that will be appropriate to your needs, sense and style, and the ability to turn your ideas to reality.